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Published Book:

by K. Bragg, BSBM, CPC, CBCS

Medical Billing and Coding Educator

Author- 'Think like a Coder'!- Embracing the Medical Coder (and Biller) in you!

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This book of points are for all Medical Coders. A Medical Coders job is not to bring our own opinions, assumptions, or points of view to coding scenarios. Because there are guidelines, compliances and standards that we must comply with, that eliminates the need for own personal perspective. The focus is to bring to the forefront our role in the Medical Coding industry with points ranging from accurate coding, understanding your provider, coding guidelines, red flags to avoid and more. Considering these, makes it easier and helps remove the 'guesswork' out of the coding assignment of patient encounters. When we learn to 'Think like a Coder' we regard all ethics, coding rules, and instructions. When we 'Think like a Coder' we can guarantee, accuracy of coding, understanding our providers and specialty, and become a valuable asset to your practice! So let's 'Think like Coders'!!


Online Interactive Medical Billing and Coding Course w/Live Instructor

Learn, Practice, Work!!

     Medical Billing and Coding is a vital part of the Administrative Healthcare Industry. This Online-Medical Billing and Coding Curriculum was developed to offer comprehensive training, designed to prepare students for becoming Professional Reimbursement Specialists and Coders in the Administrative Medical Field. Our Educators, teach the theory behind medical coding along with obtaining and understanding the fundamentals related to insurance reimbursement with the use of practical, technological, and hands-on-exercises.

     This Online Medical Billing and Coding Curriculum is a 13-week course with access to a live Instructor. Students will have the benefit of a live Instructor for discussion, presentation, guided learning. Students also enjoy blended learning (online and campus/LAB) in Health Insurance Billing Methodologies and processes along with, CMS-1500 claims process, ICD10-CM, CPT Level I, HCPCS Level II, appendingmodifiers, understanding the applications of Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting when reviewing documentation to support accurate medical coding. Students can join online for guided lessons and presentations, direct connect with Instructor with inquiries, and have access to weekly courses with practice and exercise. After completion of this course, students will be prepared and equipped with skills necessary to become successful and valuable Billers and Coders. CBCS (Certified Billing and Coding Specialist- NHA) exam is included with fees, along with E-books, Current Coding Manuals and other resources. 



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Become a Stronger Coder: Direct-Connect Online Medical Coding Workshops

Practice makes perfect! So develop your skills with Direct-connect online Conferencing. Join lessons based on a curriculum to prepare your for sitting for the CPC exam. Refresh and hone your skills by walking through, live practice scenarios, cases, and documentation with a Certified Professional Coders, Certified and experienced Medical Billers and Healthcare Administration Educators. 

Sessions include:

*Building your Confidence through gaining understanding with guided-practice of abstracting, assigning, and proper sequencing 

*Become a Stronger Coder before sitting for the AAPC, AHIMA Coding Exams
*Use of Current Procedures and Terminology,CPT, ICD10CM, and HCPCS

*Understand importance of abstracting Case scenarios and Operative Reports 

*Practice with Case Scenarios, Reports and Documentation
*Follow online Weekly Lessons and presentations with your Coding Manuals

*Send an email requesting access or weekly Online Conferencing
* Discuss weekly, the assignment for review and questions

* Walk thru Assignments and Rationales 

* Understand how accuracy applies to the Billing Process 
* Have access to an experienced Coder and Medical Billing and Coding Instructor for questions

* Have live moderated conversations with the Instructor and Each other
* Walk thru assignments with a real Live Certified Professional Coder and Healthcare Billing and Coding Instructor/Educator

*Join for continuous, intensive, focused practice, with a Live Instructor/Educator

* Comfort of payment with Fee for service, Pay as you go-plan